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Turn Grey into Gorgeous at Gloss Hairdressing


Grey is the No.1 reason women start visiting the salon for colour*. From wanting to keep a more natural color, to those who desire a fashion shade, grey is as diverse as you are. This season, GOLDWELL have released four new in-salon colour services – for those who want to embrace their natural grey to those who are looking to beautify their hair with a fresh new colour.



Turn grey into gorgeous

Now you can turn your grey into gorgeous with the new Grey Service Collection from GOLDWELL. Whatever result you desire, Gloss have it covered with four new services for total confidence:


Back to Natural Service: natural tones with a multi-dimensional wood-grain effect


Grey Beautifying Service: enhance and enliven natural grey with soft reflections and luxurious shine


Dimensional Blonde Service: natural grey coverage created using a freehand technique for multi-dimensional reflections


Fashion Red Service: fashionable red with a lively spectrum of colour combinations


Make the most of your grey and be gorgeous this season. Whether you want to embrace your grey, liven it up, cover it up or try a new shade, book your free consultation at Gloss Hairdressing now on (01423) 861 592, or book online here.


* Kao study in Germany, UK, USA with 4,500 participants, 2013


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